• *Doesn't Match the Couch*

    Center on Halsted Presents
    David Joseph
    *”Doesn’t Match the Couch:
    Explorations in Organic Abstraction"*

    CHICAGO—July 31, 2008— Center on Halsted continues it’s celebration and support of LGBT artists with “David Joseph: Doesn’t Match the Couch”. The exhibit, which will be installed at Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted St., from September 4 – October 1, 2008, showcases the artist’s works in oil paint and pastels from 2005 until present. An opening reception will be held on September 12, 2008, from 6:30p – 9:30p in the Center’s second-floor living room space.

    Chicago artist David Joseph looks at organic forms where he deconstructs and reconfigures the compositon into a colorful balance of biomorphic shapes and movements. Even though most of his works are totally abstract, there is something familiar in the shapes.

    “My source materials are natural forms and once I render them on the surface, I begin to break them apart and then pull the composition back together again. This can happen several times with each piece. I create as I go and never know the end result until I reach it myself. My goal is to finish with a cohesive blend of color and movement. The shapes speak of flora and fauna as well as references of human anatomy. I try to create something that is both familiar and alien, peaceful and provocative.”

  • Doesn't Match the Couch

    I will be having a solo exhibit at Center on Halsted from September 5 - October 1. There is an opening reception on September 12 from 6:30 - 9:30. Center on Halsted is located at 3656 N. Halsted and the gallery is on the second floor. Hope to see you there.


  • *STUDIO*

    Greenleaf Art Center is where I have my studio. Every spring and fall, we have an open studio and gallery show.

    If you would like to visit my studio, please feel free to contact me so we can arrange a time.

    Greenleaf Art Center
    1806 West Greenleaf Ave.
    Chicago, Illinois 60626
    Greenleaf Art Center

    Greenleaf Avenue is one block north of Lunt in Rogers Park and is about 1/2 block west of Clark, just west of the Metra tracks on the north side of the street.